The Pebble Project Environmental Baseline Document (EBD) characterizes the existing physical, biological and social environments in the areas of the Bristol Bay and Cook Inlet regions. The EBD represents one of the most comprehensive environmental study programs ever undertaken for a natural resource project in Alaska.

  • EBD research conducted by more than 40 widely recognized and respected independent companies and research firms
    • 100+ scientific experts
      • Engineering groups, laboratories and support services
    • Selected for specific areas of expertise and Alaskan experience
    • Cooperating government agencies participated in select studies
  • For most study disciplines, only data collected between 2004 and 2008 are provided in the Environmental Baseline Document (EBD).  Several studies are ongoing and their results will be provided in reports to the Pebble Partnership as additional baseline documentation.
  • 53 chapters plus appendices
  • Public and agency use
    • Significant legacy of public data whether or not the Pebble Project moves forward