The Pebble Environmental Baseline Document (EBD)
characterizes the existing physical, biological and social environments in study areas within the Bristol Bay and Cook Inlet regions. The EBD represents one of the most comprehensive environmental study programs ever undertaken for a natural resource project in Alaska. EBD researchers were selected for specific areas of expertise and Alaskan experience, with cooperating government agencies participating in select studies. For most study disciplines, data collected represents information gathered between 2004 and 2008. The EBD contains approximately 20,000 pages of data and analysis, divided into 53 chapters plus appendices. The document presented here provides a significant legacy of publicly available data, regardless of whether or not the Pebble Project moves forward.

A researcher photographs fish as part of the Comprehensive Pebble Environmental study program.

A researcher photographs fish as part of the comprehensive Pebble Environmental study program.