This section speaks to the human environment and conditions of the Bristol Bay drainages – that is the land status, infrastructure, cultural resources, and subsistence and recreational uses of the study area. Research reported here has been assembled from 2004-2008, with some sections including data gathered through 2010. Download individual chapters from the link at the right, either in summary or complete form, or explore individual chapters below.


CHAPTER 18: Land and Water Use

Status of private and public lands and surface waters

Chapter 19: Transportation

Existing and proposed land, water and air transportation facilities and services

Chapter 20: Power

Existing services and facilities

Chapter 21: Socioeconomics

Demographics, economy, infrastructure and history of the Lake and Peninsula Borough, Bristol Bay Borough and the Dillingham Census Area

Chapter 22: Cultural Resources

Prehistory, ethnography and history

Chapter 23: Subsistence and Traditional Knowledge

Role of subsistence with current and historical subsistence harvests and use areas

Chapter 24: Visual Resources

Scenic quality of the landscape

Chapter 25: Recreation

Outdoor recreational resources and activities with estimated economic contributions to the study area